BETA 200s


Heine Optotechnic

Direct Ophthalmoscope

BETA 200s

·          Unique optical system. HEINE optimizes the Gullstrand principle with aspherical optics (separation of illumination and observation beam). Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated. A full view is guaranteed even with small pupils.

·         XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light.

·         Range of lenses: 28 lenses from -36 D to +38 D. Perfect focus even with high refractive errors.

+ in 1 D steps: +1 through +38 D
– in 1 D steps: –1 through –36 D

·         7 apertures with separate red-free filter. Suitable for large or small pupils. Incorporates slit aperture, fixation star, cobalt blue filter and red-free filter for improved contrast.

·         Recessed, multi-coated viewing window. Avoids stray light.

·         Dustproof housing. Maintenance-free.

·         Optics mounted on precision metal chassis. Durable, precise.

·         Ergonomic shape. Instrument fits the orbita comfortably in any position.

·         Soft orbital support. Protects the users' glasses and steadies the instrument.