Multifocal Laser

Nidek Japan


Multicolor Scan Laser Photocoagulator 


Introducing the next generation of the multicolor laser photocoagulator.The MC-500 incorporates scan delivery systems and integrates the multicolor laser photocoagulator into one comprehensive platform, the MC-500 Vixi.The MC-500 Vixi allows rapid and optimal power laser emission for laser photocoagulation with selection of various colors and scan patterns.


Multicolor on Modular Architecture


Selectable Laser Color Configuration

The MC-500 Vixi / MC-500, with its user friendly design, allows the selection (patent pending) of one, two, or three wavelengths, among green, yellow, and red. It enables the freedom to select the necessary color or combination of colors to increase efficiency of treatment.

Multicolor Laser for Multiple Applications

The MC-500 Vixi / MC-500 enables efficient photocoagulation even through opaque media. In cases of cataract, better penetration is achieved with the yellow wavelength (577 nm) compared to green. In eyes with retinal hemorrhage, better penetration is achieved with the red (647 nm) wavelength.


Multi-functional Scan Deliveries


Triple Emission Mode

In addition to the conventional single mode, the MC-500 Vixi provides auto manipulation and scan modes, which allows mode selection appropriate for a specific pathology.


Single Mode

The single mode is used in conventional laser emission.


Scan Mode

The scan mode is for repeated laser emission with a fixed interval time, high power, and instantaneous speed.


Auto Manipulation Mode

The auto manipulation mode is for repeated laser emission with variable interval times and conventional coagulation setting in a selectable scan pattern. The auto manipulation mode allows the surgeon to continue laser emission while confirming spot placement.


Multiple Scan Patterns


The MC-500 Vixi has 14 preprogrammed scan patterns to allow treatment of varying retinal pathology.


Spot Spacing & Pattern Rotation

The spacing between spots for each pattern can be changed and the pattern can be rotated (15° increments) easily using an LCD touch screen.


Memory of Scan Pattern

Four frequently used scan patterns can be saved and recalled with one selection in the LCD menu.


Continuously Variable Spot Size

The scan spot size is continuously variable from 100 to 500 µm (50 to 500 µm in single mode). The spot size on the retina changes with laser contact lenses. The continuous variability enables the surgeon to easily compensate for these changes.


Wide Range of Delivery Option


Besides conventional single deliveries the scan deliveries are added to the wide range of multicolor laser deliveries. Both of the scan and single deliveries include attachable models* for NIDEK SL-1800, Zeiss SL130 and 30SL/M, which provide the existing slit lamps with new stage for scan laser treatment.


* Prior confirmation of existing model’s status is necessary for attachable models.


Practicable Main Body with Useful Features


Intuitive Color LCD Touch Screen

The color LCD touch screen has an intuitive menu clearly indicating scan patterns and photocoagulation data. When the status is switched from standby to ready the LCD brightness decreases so that there is no interference with the surgeon’s visibility of ocular pathology during treatment.


Memory of Photocoagulation Data

10 sets of photocoagulation data (color, power output, emission time, and interval time) applied to various clinical cases can be registered. Each set is retrievable with one-touch operation.


Stable Laser Power Output

Momentary increase followed by a plateau and an immediate decrease enables rapid and high-power laser emission in the scan patterns.


Economical and Ecological

The MC-500 Vixi / MC-500 reduces power consumption by 60% compared to the previous model. This energy savingis one of many examples of NIDEK’s commitment to global environmental protection. NIDEK has been awarded ISO 14001 certification