RS - 3000 Advance


Nidek Japan

RS – 3000 Advance

Wide area scan (12 x 9 mm) and high definition OCT with SLO tracing

12 mm wide horizontal scan allows detailed observation of the vitreous body, retina and choroid from the macula to optic disc in a single image. 
*The normative database is based on a 9 x 9 mm region.


Tracing HD plus for accurate averaging of maximum120 images

The tracing HD plus function traces involuntary eye movements to maintain the same scan location on the SLO image for accurate image capture. This function allows accurate averaging of up to 120 images.


Selectable OCT sensitivity

Selecting the OCT sensitivity among ultra fine, fine, and regular sensitivities based on ocular pathology allows image capture with higher definition or at high speed.

Torsion Eye Tracer (TET) for accurate image capture

The TET ensures accurate image capture by utilizing fundus information from the high definition SLO image. Ocular cyclotorsion is traced via the torsion correction feature added to the tracing function.

Multifunctional follow-up

The multifunctional follow-up allows analysis of all the data obtained with the OCT and detailed observation of choronological change in retinal thickness and status. This function displays progression of pathology over time. The comparison mode displays two images selected by the user.

Customized report

The layout of the reports can be customized and the data from separate reports of each scan pattern can be summarized in a single report to avoid printing multiple pages.



Comparison between RS-3000 Advance and RS-3000 Lite


RS-3000 Advance

RS-3000 Lite

Fundus surface imaging

SLO (12 fps frame rate)

40° x 30° angle of view

OCT phase fundus (1.8 fps frame rate)
36° x 30° angle of view

Scan speed

Max. 53,000 A-scans / s

OCT sensitivity

Regular, Fine, Ultra fine

Regular, Fine

Normative database area

9 mm x 9 mm (macula)
6 mm x 6 mm (disc)

Scan pattern (retina)

Macula line (scan angle changeable by 1°)
Macula cross(with cross scan / without cross scan)
Macula map
Macula multi (X-Y: 5 x 5)
Macula radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
Disc circle
Disc map
Disc radial (6 lines / 12 lines)

Macula line (scan angle changeable by 15°)
Macula map
Macula multi (X-Y: 5 x 5)
Disc map

Scan pattern (cornea) with optional anterior segment module

Cornea line
Cornea cross
Cornea radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
ACA line

Cornea radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
ACA line

Image averaging

Max. 120 images

Max. 50 images

Choroidal mode


Not available

Torsion eye tracer


Not available

Follow-up tracing


Not available

Follow-up analysis


Tracing HD plus


Not available

HD checker


Not available

Flexible cross scan


Not available

Select and rescan mode


Not available

Auto shot (for follow-up image capture)


Not available

Internal fixation target

Cross shape (laser)

Circle shape (LED)

PC monitor