Biom® 5

Surgical Opthalmoscope


Biom® 5

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmomicroscope

The BIOM® 5 is the ideal complement to the SDI® (Stereoscopic Diagonal Inverter). The BIOM® 5 enables wide-angle observation of the fundus during vitreous surgery. The observation unit BIOM® can be mounted in a matter of seconds and can be swung into the beam path when needed.


Slim and sleek

The slim and open design is lightweight and increases accessibility for the
surgeon’s hands and instruments as well as reprocessing. Space consumption in
the operating field is also minimized.


Efficiency meets function

Surgeons appreciate the easy handling of the new BIOM® 5. While observing the vitreous and the fundus, the BIOM® 5 is aligned coaxially with the operating microscope. During extraocular phases of surgery, it is swung out of the observation beam while the inverting action of the SDI® is neutralized:  automatically, by a surgeon controlled footswitch, or manually.


The convenience of automatic inversion provided by the SDI® 4c ensures the surgeon's view is always orientated properly. This is accomplished by OCULUS´ patented design, utilizing a fully autoclavable micro switch.


BIOM® 5c (with electronic focus)

When used with the SDI® 4c, the BIOM® 5c offers the convenience of electronic foot pedal focusing and intelligent and automatic image inversion.