Pentacam® / Pentacam® HR (High Resolution)

Corneal Topography


Pentacam® / Pentacam® HR (High Resolution)


The Affordable Model

The Pentacam® measures the cornea from limbus to limbus. It measures up to 25,000 true elevation points. During the rotating scan that takes max. 2 seconds, up to 50 Scheimpflug images of the anterior eye segment are captured with outstanding precision. Based on these images the Pentacam®provides topographic data on elevation and curvature of the entire anterior and posterior corneal surfaces. The corneal thickness (pachymetry) is measured and presented graphically over its entire surface. A topography based keratoconus detection and quantification are performed. The anterior chamber depth, chamber volume (size) and the chamber angles are automatically calculated and presented for glaucoma screening. The illumination of the eye using blue LED light makes corneal and lens opacities (cataract) visible. The anterior chamber can be visualised and displayed with the virtual tomography model.After measurements have been taken and the quality specifications of the scan have been checked by the user the Pentacam®can generate an Indices Report. This Indices Report summarises the abnormalities found during the scan to direct doctor’s attention to the areas of concern. This report is based on published clinical studies and articles that define abnormalities. The standard model is affordable and is suitable for pre-exam lanes, satellite offices and for quick screenings.

Basic Software:

Indices Report to detect abnormalities in the anterior eye segment

·         for glaucoma screening

·         for refractive screening

General Overview Display

4 Maps Refractive

Qualitative assessment of the cornea

·         Topography and elevation maps of the anterior and

·         posterior corneal surface

·         Overall pachymetry, absolute and relative

Iris camera and automatic HWTW

Topography based keratoconus detection and classification

3D anterior chamber analysis

Comparison and differential analysis of 2 exams

Comparison and superimposition of Scheimpflug images

Overview of all captured Scheimpflug images

Anterior segment tomography


Pentacam® HR

The Professional Model

The Pentacam®HR is our high resolution model, measuring up to 138,000 true elevation points. It is equipped with a high resolution CCD chip and optimized optics.While performing a rotating scan the Pentcam® HR captures up to 100 high-resolution Scheimpflug images to provide a detailed analysis of the cornea. IOLs and pIOLs, corneal rings, corneal injuries and corneal opacities such as in Fuchs dystrophy are thus brought into view in brilliant detail. The crystalline lens is displayed from anterior to posterior capsule, even with opacities present.The Pentacam®HR is optionally available with a unique 3D pIOL simulation software including aging prediction.

This is What Makes the HR Special:

High resolution CCD camera and high end optical design to generate brilliant Scheimpflug images to display

·         corneal opacities, corneal implants and rings

·         IOLs and pIOLs in terms of position and orientation

·         PCO (posterior capsular opacification)

Special scan mode to display pIOLs

Precise measurement of the cornea with up to 100 Scheimpflug images

·         Movable fixation target

3D pIOL simulation software including aging prediction