About Us

Our Company

Omma Lite was founded in 1981 and has been one of the leading ophthalmic suppliers in the greek market ever since. For more than 30 years now we have been offering to the greek market  instruments and disposables for the whole branch of ophthalmology as well as providing top notch scientific and technical support for our customers. We distribute ophthalmic equipment provided by the leading manufacturers from Europe (the UK, Germnay, Italy, Switzerland, etc.), America (USA, Canada) and the Far East (Japan, Korea, China) and we have acquired all the quality control certificates dictated both by greek and european legislation  ( directive 93/42/MMD - CE mark).

The company supplies public and private hospitals, clinics, private practices, etc all around Greece. Our specialized, fully trained and experienced staff can cover all our customer needs from the interior design of a practice  and the choice of required equipment to the installation of said equipment and the operation of the practice, as well as the full range of scientific and technical support.

The company's main office is situated in Moschato, equiped with demonstration space. In order to provide quality support to our northern Greece customers, since 1990, a branch of the company also operates in Thessaloniki, equiped with its own demo space, sales and technocal department.

Omma Lite has been awarded with both ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 and ΕΝ ISO 13485:2003 certificates as well as the Health ministry certificate ΔΥ8/1348/04 concerning our quality control system for the distrubution, sales and technical support of medical devices.

Our Brands

Omma Lite represents the biggest ophthalogy manufacturers from around the world.

Nidek Japan(Japan)

Leader and innovator in the global market due to the usability and reliability of her instruments for more than 40 years. Nidek produces a large array of products both diagnostic and surgical.


Nidek Japan


Surgical and diagnostic equipment from one of the best german manufacturers



Heidelberg Engineering(Germany)

Produces diagonstic instruments of the highest quality. HRT-III for glaucoma and the Spectralis HRA+OCT for macula disorders are the golden standard in ophthalmology


Heidelberg Engineering

Entod Research Cell UK(United Kingdom)

Produces ophthalmic diagnostic strips


Entod Research Cell UK