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Διαγνωστικά Όργανα

Oculus UB 4

Σκελετός Δοκιμαστικών Γυαλιών


For the optimum in function, ergonomics and design.

  • Space for 10 trial lenses
  • PD-range 1,8" - 3,2" (46 - 82 mm)
  • Adjustable angle and length of sides
  • Smooth axis adjustment
  • Vertex distance scale

  • Easy insertion and removal of lenses
  • Self-braking mechanism for bridge adjustment
  • User-friendly operating elements in a "soft design"

  • UB 4 with polarizing filters
  • Operating elements removed from the immediate vicinity of patients face
  • Minimal pressure due to optimal weight distribution
  • Closed side extension design prevents the trapping of hair
  • Flexible and anatomically optimized temples

Material mix
  • Intelligent material combinations minimize the need for lubrication
  • Non-allergenic materials

  • Attractive design increases the patient´s acceptance
  • IF-award

  • Compatible with DIN- and BSI-trial lenses
  • Polarizing filters with height adjustment for distance and near examination (option)