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Διαγνωστικά Όργανα


Τοπογραφία Κερατοειδούς


Πιο φορητή τοπογραφία δεν γίνεται 


  • Combination of Corneal Topographer and built in Keratometer
  • Extremely high resolution (22.000 measuring points) and digital image transmission
  • Short measuring time-fraction of seconds guarantees high reproducibility
  • Non-contact measuring
  • Easy to use, because of sophisticated use interface in Windows™-environment
  • Easy to connect to PC via USB-Interface
  • Easy to run because of network-capable software
  • Easy to mount on a slit lamp
  • Refractive compare display to control the progression of wearing Ortho-K-Lenses
  • Keratoconus detection and quantification based on several Indices
  • Contact lens fitting software with
    • real fluo image simulation,
    • extensive pre-programmed CL database,
    • editing function for your own line of lenses,
    • customized, individual CL lens suggestion

Various forms of representation

  • Large Color Map
  • 3D-Cornea
  • Fourier-Analysis
  • Zernike-Analysis (optionally)
  • Indices (optionally)
  • Comparing Examination
  • Refractive Display Mode
  • Height Map
  • Camera Image